Saint Cronan’s Day Booklet 2010

Sunday 25th April 2010

A friendship walk in honour of  St. Cronan


At Sean Ross Abbey

Welcome & Prayer: Sr. Margaret

Prayer written by Carmel Cunningham

Call to worship: Adrian Hewson

Appropriately we begin our pilgrim journey in ecumenical friendship close to this ancient abbey. It was here that Cronan our patron saint had his first monastic site in this area and it was from here that Roscrea as a town and parish first began in the early 7th Century. To-day, close to the date of his feast day we come in celebration of Cronan, now our patron saint, and in thanksgiving to God for his life, and example to each of us in this our day.

Hymn: St. Cronan Roscrea’s Best

Words by Dom Laurence O.C.S.O. & Music by Joan Murray

sung by The Roscrea Community Choir  under the direction of Ms. Lucy McCarthy.

The snow-flakes fall on icy ground

in Odran’s home Ely.

In time the daffodil brought joy and cheer

To Comri the mother to be.

And then the fresh cut meadow so sweet

was to make a cosy nest for none but baby destine to be Cronan, Roscrea’s best.


Found at Sean Ross, an ideal place

for all who were called to pray.

“But pilgrims can’t be left all night in the dark without our care,”

So move again on foot to Slí Dala just a little west, To found the monastery and town of  Cronan, Roscrea’s best.


A Gospel book he surely needs, but Dimma was            too busy, Could only spare a twelve hour day.                “Fine, my son, no matter Write on,”

And as he whispers to the Lord, but surely not in           jest: “For forty days of sun,” he prayed

Cronan, Roscrea’s best.


‘Twas at Sean Ross he died in peace we don’t

know when, a pity. And he was buried with great

honour in his favourite city Roscrea.

For patience, modesty, humility, he passed God’s

every test, And most o all for love in his heart,

Cronan, Roscrea’s best.


  • Scripture Reading: Exodus 3 v 1-6 Rev.  “you are standing on holy ground”

 Read by Rev. Brian Griffin

Prayers: led by George Cunningham

We thank you Lord for the life and work of Cronan in our community, and enable us to continue his work.

  1. Help us to be still as we stand on holy ground.

We thank you Lord for the continuity of worship in our community down through the ages, and ask your blessing on all who worship you to-day.

  1. Help us to be still as we stand on holy ground.

As Cronan cared for the needy, bless all our efforts in caring for the needy of our day.

  1. Help us to be still as we stand on holy ground.

As Cronan began his journey from here in times past towards the Great Highway, bless us to-day as we follow in his footsteps.

  1. Help us to be still as we stand on holy ground.

Sign of peace: Peg Caverley

As we offer each other a sign of peace, let us extend that friendship to each other as we chat along our pilgrim walk to our next destination on the Great High Way and let us proceed in the Peace of Christ…


Call to Worship: Peg  Caverley

As we gather here at this Archway symbolic of the craftsmanship of our time, and close to the main road of our time, and yet symbolic of both spiritual and secular aspects of life in our town in times past, let us reflect on St. Cronan’s journey along the great Highway of his time, in search of a site where travellers could easily avoid of his hospitality, a hallmark of early monastic life.

  • Gospel Reading: St. Luke 24 v 13-31.

“Stay with us for it is nearly evening” Read by Rev. Lesley Robinson & Dom. Richard Purcell

Prayers: led by Denis Ryan

O Lord, as Cronan travelled along the great highway in response to the needs of others,                                                           help us also to respond to the needs of others.

          And stay with us Lord along life’s journey.

Be near all who travel and bring them safely to their journey’s end

          And stay with us Lord along life’s journey

Be near all who leave our town, and may they always remain loyal to your ways as shown to us by Cronan.

           And stay with us Lord along life’s journey.

Be near all who enter our town and may they find a welcome here.

           And stay with us Lord along life’s journey.

 Hymn: Cronan

words by Rev. Lesley Robinson

For all your saints in glory, for all your saints at rest, To you, our Lord and Saviour, all praises be addressed; Apostles, martyrs, prophets, who served you in their day, Have left us their example of following your way.

Today for our Saint Cronan we give our thanks and praise: To spread the gospel glory, he moved from place to place. When seeking our dear Abbott, some pilgrims lost their way; To serve the Lord more fully, he settled in Roscrea.

All praise to God the Father, all praise to God the Son, And God the Holy Spirit, eternal three in one; Till all the ransomed number fall down before the throne, And honour, power, and glory ascribe to God alone.

Adrian Hewson

As we continue our journey, let us remember in friendship all those who have travelled our roads in times past, those early pilgrims seeking Cronan’s monastery, those who have come to our town from overseas, and those who have left our town for other countries in search of a future…and let us proceed in the peace of Christ.


Call to worship: Adrian Hewson

When Cronan chose this location on the great highway it was because a group of pilgrims in need of shelter couldn’t find him in the remote woodlands. However when implored by a group of monks to return to Sean Ross he refused, he said “I will not remain in a desert place where the visitors and the poor cannot easily find me; but I will remain here on the public way … and in this place I shall serve the Lord my Christ, the King of Kings.” And when a Bishop was asked by the same monk to persuade Cronan to return to Sean Ross, the bishop’s reply was similar, referring to Genesis: “I will not change him from the place he has selected, for as bees in summer labour around their lives, so the visitation of angels will not cease to come around the same place, and over that place the Gate of Heaven is opened”. And so it was, and here great things happened as St. Cronan’s monastery flourished – here The Book of Dimma was written, and here the High Cross sometimes known as the “Shrine of St. Cronan” was erected, and Roscrea became known as “a celebrated city”… and to-day in Roscrea the monastic tradition given to us by St. Cronan happily continues.

  • PSALM:

Sung by the Community of Mount Saint Joseph’s Abbey

  • Reading: Genesis 28 v 11-17

“All people on earth will be blessed”

Read by Fr. Tom Corbet

Prayers: led by Eirene Griffin

In the shadow of the cross as we remember Christ’s passion and resurrection, we pray that we all may be faithful ministers of His Gospel in our day.

  1. May all people on earth be blessed.

As we reflect on the monastic stones of our past, may we be renewed in hope for the future as you sustain us in your presence O Lord.

  1. May all people on earth be blessed.

May your word as spoken by Cronan and written by Dimma come alive to us to-day, O Lord.

  1. May all people on earth be blessed.

As we give thanks for the legacy of our past may we too be found worthy to enter the Gate of Heaven.

  1. May all people on earth be blessed.

Ár n’Athair …led by the Clergy

Hymn: Be Thou My Vision       sung by Everyone

Be thou my vision, O Lord of my heart, Be all else by naught to me, save that thou art:                                                           Be thou my best thought in the day and the night, Both waking and sleeping, thy presence my light.

Be thou my wisdom, be thou my true word, Be thou ever with me, and I with thee, Lord:                                                       Be thou my great Father, and I thy true son, Be thou in me dwelling, and I with thee one.

High King of heaven, thou heaven’s bright sun, O grant me its joys, after victory is won:                                                  Great heart of my own heart, whatever befall Still be thou my vision, O ruler of all.

Rev. Lesley Robinson

Let us go in peace to love and serve the Lord.

In the name of Christ. Amen